Enjonette BakerFOUNDER’S STORY

Enjonette “EJ” Baker, the Founder & President of Women Blessing Women was born and raised in Compton, CA. EJ is best known for her entrepreneurial and giving spirit. At a young age she began to experience what we call nowadays between girls, “hating” She began to experience this type of controversy at a young age, dealing with issues at school, summer camp, & even at birthday parties.

She made a decision at a young age that she no longer wanted to associate with other girls as friends, except her selected few. Fast forward to her adult years, She realized much hadn’t changed. While starting her Event Planning Company, She began to attend networking events but continuously came across the issue of not connecting with the other women at the events. She began to feel frustrated from the disconnection & competition.

It was at that point God told her to change the game and create her own environment, calling it Women Blessing Women. He told her to invite other like- minded, entrepreneur women and also to encourage them to invite as well. The name will speak for itself… to make a long story short; She have been creating and developing this vision, this idea, this environment, & this gift that God gave her for 3 years now Est. 2014! BUT the time has come for her to take Women Blessing Women to the next level!!!



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