Our Mission is to...

- create an environment for entrepreneur women that is supportive, impactful, & rewarding and
- to make an impact and create a legacy for our youth & communities.









Women & Society

It is believed that society has taught our women that they should not support one another, but instead compete. It appears that women have correspondingly internalized this theory by default. As if it was in their DNA, they are known to compete for men, friends, jobs, attention, recognition and self worth. There are perceptions that women are backstabbing and conniving to one another. "According to a study, women may be more sensitive than men to social exclusion, and when they feel threatened by the prospect of being left out, a woman's first response may be to socially exclude a third party. For any woman who's been on the receiving end of a female bully, this will come as no surprise."

History of WBW

It all started in 2009, with a vision from God. While EJ was sitting in her “Public Relations” course at Cal State University, Dominguez Hills, God said “You’re going to create an organization for women where you will change the atmosphere, the energy, & the conversation.” In 2014, EJ had her first meeting in her living room with just herself and her cousin. Just a few months later, they invited other like-minded women to join them. With a total of 8, they gather in EJ’s home to network, empower, & bless one another. Through many life obstacles, setbacks and challenges, in 2015 EJ was ready to let go of #WBW, after experiencing 8 deaths in a years time frame. With the support of the women who valued the organization and stated “I need this!,” fast forward to 2016, #WBW had a total of 25 women participants.

What WBW Can Do For You

Where We Are Now

#WBW has now evolved into a membership non-profit organization in So-Cal and will be expanding with more chapters throughout the country.

Women Blessing Women is a social organization based in Compton, CA. We seek to enhance the way women do business with each other by providing opportunities where core support in business collaborations and community learning and prosper. Financial, educational, & self-care resources are presented through workshops, retreats, & events.

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