Keynote: Mayor Aja Brown at the WBW Relaunch

Women Blessing Women

A global sisterhood that is committed to creating a supportive, impactful, and rewarding environment for female entrepreneurs, Founders, and CEO’s. With God as the Creator, Entrepreneur and Radio Personality, Enjonette “EJ” Baker, grew and raised the planted vision that founded Women Blessing Women in 2014.










To enhance the way women conduct business with one another as we aspire to build an impact and create a legacy for our youth and our communities.


To provide educational, financial, and self-care resources through events, workshops, and retreats.

Women & Society

It is believed that society has taught our women that they should not support one another, but instead compete. It appears that women have correspondingly internalized this theory by default. As if it was in their DNA, they are known to compete for men, friends, jobs, attention, recognition and self worth. There are perceptions that women are backstabbing and conniving to one another. “According to a study, women may be more sensitive than men to social exclusion, and when they feel threatened by the prospect of being left out, a woman’s first response may be to socially exclude a third party. For any woman who’s been on the receiving end of a female bully, this will come as no surprise.”

History of WBW

Sitting in her Public Relations class at Cal State University, Dominguez Hills, God spoke to Enjonette “EJ” Baker’s spirit.

“You are going to create an environment (organization) for entrepreneur women and you will change the atmosphere, the energy, and the conversation between those women. You will bring like minded women together to bless one another and call it Women Blessing Women.”

It was then, in 2009, when the seed was planted for our future Founder & President, EJ, to create such a suiting organization. Due to rare associations with women, she wasn’t sure how to begin or even more so, WHY God would demand this of her. For a few years, EJ ran from the instruction. She was rebellious for the simple fact that she had experienced much drama, backstabbing, and many conniving actions between other girls and women in her past.

Still over the years, the vision remained in her spirit. In 2014 she finally had enough and said let me give this a try. EJ invited some entrepreneurial women to her home for a meeting in attempt to connect, network, and share their businesses with one another. With a total of eight, they gathered in her living room and blessed one another. The ladies were so impressed with the level of connection that was made during that meeting that they asked for more!

What WBW Can Do For You


Let us help you grow your business. If you’re looking to start a business,
we can help.


Our workshops and conferences are created with you in mind as a member. Get full access.

Economic Growth

We use each other services, as well as, refer member services to family and friends.

Mobile App

Our mobile app is a great way to stay connected to your WBW sisters at your finger tip. You never know when you will need support.


Part of our mission is to connect you with the right people that can help bring your dreams to fruition.

Professional Connections

We take pride in selecting our members. This is why our selection process is very thorough.

Where We Are Now

Women Blessing Women continues to grow reaching thousands of women through collaborations, events, retreats, and workshops. The name speaks for itself… in 2018 Women Blessing Women successful converted to a section 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization and will be expanding with more chapters throughout the country.

Board Members & Volunteers

Yoneisha Royalty

Administrative Assistant

Before becoming a part of Women Blessing Women, I felt like an outsider. Often times I’d feel disconnected with people I’ve known my whole life. I knew I had a purpose on my life, but I didn’t quite know what it was,
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Creative Director

I joined Women Blessing Women to surround myself with like minded women entrepreneurs. I wanted to be a part of a strong support system so that we can all share our knowledge,

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Bridgette Marie

Vice President

I love empowering other women because I know it’s needed in this world. We as women are more alike than we are different. When we put our pride aside and accept other women,

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